Friday, June 30, 2017


I was invited by Tony and Lisa from the yacht club to join them on a sailing week in Croatia out of Split on the Adriatic. I hesitated  financially but thought I won't get a chance to do this again so said YES.
I flew to Zagreb and stayed in an airbnb for 4 nights then got the train with Di, down to Split on the Adriatic coast.
Met the others the next day and took a bus to Marina Agana to join the yacht Flotilla Sunsail.
The flight over with Qatar was great; I like the breakdown of the flights that allow for sleep at the right time.
Got airport bus to the city then after  a few false turns found the apartment .

the apartment is behind these rooms just past the red sign. 
From the same place looking to the left is the Square and trams (Blue) 
 The weather as you can see was lovely Av daily Temp 26.
part of the 4 block park with station at the end 

Fountains in the park
Great doorways and old buildings.
This little building had a church circular window!
Tram tickets are bought at kiosks Valid for 2-4 hours Kiosks are at every stop or nearby 

House designs were on the street with inner courtyards
Lots of attics!!
Church of St Francis on a small corner 
Walking to the cemetery at last came to some run of the mill apartments 
The trams had  a dedicated road space with hedging along so you could only cross at lights
Park through a small wood to the Cemetery

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Love the doors and the city views :)

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