Sunday, April 30, 2017

A wedding

My dear friend Jo was down in Melbourne for her eldest son John's wedding and called in to visit last week . Showing off her 15kg weight loss! 
I commented how in the old days people went to see the bride (or groom) at the church without going to the reception.
So I was delighted when she rang on Friday to say they were very happy if I wanted come to Yarraville Gardens for the Wedding at 10am .
So I got there at 9:50 and people were still setting up, and Jo was there with her kids and grandchildren, and a few guests.
Ina's (not sure of spelling) family are originally from Samoa and Jo said that the invitation said 9am so that they would all be there about 10am!! 
So by 10:15 the crowd was trickling in and a big surge at 10:20 ,
and probably from some pre-arranged signal the bride arrived at 1030.
Ina, Her parents (dad is a Church Minster) and  ?Niece
It was a lovely simple ceremony with about 60 people there.
Church members singing With Ina's Dad and brother (left)
The bride and groom and parents 
I have not seen Jo and Paul's kids all together for years, and their children have grown considerably since I saw some of them 
Marko, Beth, Ina and John and Kate (Natal was off playing) 
Alice, Kate, John, William
The family.
Cousins. Natal (Marko and Kate) and Zion (William)
John's waist length red hair has gone!!

Also there was Cass (William's partner) and Sam, Jo's brother Damian's son.
Jo had forgotten to tell Sam that although their invitation said 9 not to come till 10.  But when they rang the were 2 stops away! So settled in a cafe or something to kill time.
Beth was looking really pretty (like her mother) and dressed for the occasion!
I was so pleased to share this happy day with them.  

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