Monday, November 7, 2016

Warm Project

On Friday I went with Sue Wendy and Betty to see The WARM project at the Geelong Wool Museum A fascinating place to visit at any time.
The WARM project  reflects on why the earth is warming and what we can do to create a sustainable and safe climate future.
WARM is made up of two large-scale images created byLars Sternberg
A landscape scarred by coal Mining.
The same landscape many decades later, regenerated and renewed after the closure of the coal mine.
From March to end of August 2016, knitters created hundreds of knitted pieces designed by Georgie Nicolson of tikki and including gum leaves, trees, native flowers, wind turbines and knitted squares. During several days of installation, these knitted pieces were assembled over a picture of the first image, to create the second image of the renewed landscape – like an enormous collage.
The finished piece
Leaves on the floor in front 
Pink heath

Wendy and the Wind turbine 
It was in definite 3D
the result was amazing 

Brooklyn Laneway

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