Monday, April 13, 2015

Altona Beach

After cursing the gmail service on my iMac (Parenting Matters gmail has disappeared on my phone) I gave up and headed out for a calming walk along Altona Beach.
A beautiful Autumn day of 20 degrees, and a very light breeze the beach beckoned.
THe Life Saving Club Tower
Sun , Sand, blue sky and water 
Under sea life Sculptures

Red poppies in the bushes
Preparing for Anzac day 
the wall of poppies
a Nurse Remembered 
Walking West
Seaweed collection still going on. Seems to be just this west section of beach 
Extreme bay and weather conditions and unfavourable high tides have seen Altona foreshore inundated with record amounts of seaweed over the past two to three weeks.Hobsons Bay City Council has committed extra resources to remove the seaweed but it is gathering as quickly as it is removed. The task is complicated by having to work outside of high tides in the early to mid morning. During the limited times that Council Officers have been able to access the beach at low tides, record amounts of seaweed have been removed, with 140 tonnes of seaweed removed in the first week of March,This compares to 115 tonnes collected during the entire month of March last year. A total of 181 tonnes of seaweed was removed in February this year, compared to153 tonnes in February 2014.  

Only a light smell. Can only imagine it at its peak!!
A small sand covered mound 
But plenty of white sand for walking
Looking down the pier

View back to my car at end of the pines

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