Saturday, November 15, 2014

Moving Day Nov 13th

The day dawned hot to max out at 34 degrees.
The new owners came for a last inspection on Wednesday night, and they were thrilled with things they had not noticed before. Air conditioning, Alarm, the ironing cupboard, the fruit trees in the garden, the water tank and how clean the place was.
So we were both happy with their happiness!
The removalist was coming at 1230 and our good friend Shirley arrived at 11am to collect Spencer for the day.
We then packed kitchen items in the car and some last minute things while Celia channeled her Gray Scrubber (Mervin Peake character) and cleaned as we emptied each area.
Celia doing a sterling job!
Looks like the day we had the floors done!

out the door!!

Danny arrived with his truck and assistant Ryan each armed with litre water bottles that the refilled more than 10 times!
They did a great job and we were on schedule less the 30+pot plants to move when we got the call that Settlement was through and we could collect the keys at Altona Meadows about 10 minutes past the new place which was about 10 minutes away.
All the plants gone
Then the thrill left the day!
As we drove out onto Geelong Road for the 20 minute trip at 250pm the traffic stopped just before Millers Road (our destination) when the 3pm News came on.
We had not heard the news of an accident that happened just before 9am Thursday when a truck rear-ended a man's car while it was stationary in the Forsyth Rd exit lanes of the Princes Freeway at Point Cook.
The car was shunted under the back of the truck in front before the first truck came over the top.
The Highway had been closed since and did not open till 4pm. They man survived but took hours to get him out.
We took from 250-5pm to get to Altona (where the agent eventually met us with the key) and then back to Heather Avenue .
Danny had started off loading while they waited, and lined all the plants outside the garage and line dup the boxes etc down the  drive so they just had to run them in 
We eventually were in (they set up the beds) at 630pm!! The removalists made some good money on a 6 hour job!!
The traffic eventually cleared about 8pm so Shirley kept Spencer for the night as she couldnt get here either.
Lynne came on Friday and we worked to set things up and put away, and Celia did the last of the boxes. Andrew and Nick & Kate came while I went sailing on Saturday, and hung pictures and some minor adjustments of doors etc.
So we are now in!!!

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