Sunday, November 30, 2014

A train ride to Birregurra

I started the trip to Birregurra from Southern Cross Station, by working out how to get to the city without having to find a car park. After realising that the trains from Nth Melbourne go through the Loop before getting to Southern Cross (usually one stop) I remembered Celia had used a bus over the west gate bridge last week. 
So I looked it up and found I could get one at 9:06 to get to Southern Cross by 9:25, to meet the others at 945.  
As I headed down to Altona Gate bus stop (5-6 min walk) I spotted a man at the stop Celia had seen on the On-ramp from Millers Rd ( 2 mins walk from home) He was there because his bike had a flat tire and he was waiting for his wife to come and get him!! But he assured me the bus would stop so I sat down and chatted about the new bridge for bikes opened last week to go to Yarraville. Bus arrived at 909am.
So a quick and direct service to the city, met Sue and Wendy on Platform 2 B 
Vintage train with dining car and compartments

We left on time and headed out west to Geelong and then on to Birregurra.
We had a comfy compartment and had booked High tea but this turned out to be morning AND afternoon tea, so felt very stylish!

the Dining Car
More than we could eat!

View of the sky as I lay under a tree after lunch
 It was a warm day so we had dressed appropriately
water Tank from 1891.
Lunch spot

Old Station features
Enthusiasts waiting to get a pic as the train returned after lunch
We arrived back at 515 in time for me to get the 523 bus back and I was home by 550!

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Celia said...

What a great Sunday adventure!

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