Sunday, April 6, 2014

The map

Bridie and Sean's new house is surprisingly near no parks or playgrounds or shops in walking distance.
So with Dylan being a ball of energy not needing a daytime  sleep we decided to head off to a playground on a map
So we spotted one (Dylan studying Google Maps with me) called Cheong Park that said it was a 20 minute walk.
Well they are not talking pre school walkers who like to stop and admire everything and did not take into account the 3 hills we had to manage.

 At last I spotted the bright colours of the playground and we  settled in. It had been raining and the slide was wet, so he wouldn't go down it but was fascinated with all these bugs that were on it.
Hanging over a post nearby was a towel! So when I dried it off he was happy, darting from one thing to the other.
It took some persuading to get him to leave but as we headed back, I checked a message on my phone and he asked what I was doing So I said I had the map how to get home.

He demanded to see it and I explained what the blue line was and the pulsing dot.
And we headed up the hill, with a gentle shove in his back as he studied the phone. At one point I had gone ahead and stopped to wait for him. he saw me stopped, stopped looked at the map and said " I see the map. Keep going Mich!"
He also had with him two toy characters from the Octonauts, (little plastic figures) Initially he had them in his pocket but when I took the phone back, he carried them. Life would not be worth living if he lost one, so I kept an eye on them.
As we crossed the road, he took my hand and I said 'Have you got your Octonauts (I never remember their names!)?" He showed me his hand with them both clutched in it, and said "Check!!"


Celia said...


What a great adventure you both had. A book in the making?

Michele said...

A had forgotten Kate's Book!

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