Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pom Pom Party

While I was cooking and preparing the deck, the rain came and went. It was sun then rain then cloud then sun etc. So didn't set up till the last minute  but with a mild 19 degrees we had a pleasant time on the deck with a few friends. Champagne, home made babagannoush, egg and bacon tartlets and some olives and nibbles we spent a pleasant few hours.
Spencer spent his time under the table keeping an eye on any dropped morsels.
Family crystal and the blossom 
Some food on offer

Mary and Margaret (a little blurred ...the champagne?)

Toasting the blossom!
As we explored the garden, Mary pointed out my veges that I had not inspected recently, and there nested in the leaves were Broccoli, cabbage and Cauli (a little under par).
two separate broccoli. Soup coming up!

my little cabbage (must make some Japanese fried noodle dish)
the under par cauli
I also noticed how enormous this bush( forget its name) had grown. It was the smaller and very slow growing of two I planted years ago 
the enormous growth in last 6 months
Compared to this half size one

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