Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Music

I had  a lovely evening on Friday when I used Wendy's ticket to go with Sue to the Melbourne Town Hall to hear the MSO

The program was Rachmaninoff Piano Concert No. 3 made famous (or not) by the Australian film Shine  in 1996,  based on the life of pianist David helfgott, and earning Geoffrey Rush an Oscar: who   resumed piano lessons — suspended when he was 14 — in order not to require a hand double.
Pianist was Clemens Leske. talk about hard work!
They also played Romeo & jJuliet and some from Swan lake finishing with the waltz.

The Hall is  a lovely venue with lovely plaster work and murals

After the show Sue and I went to dinner at D'orsay just up Collins St and had a lovely meal, celebrating my confirmation of resignation at RCH effective July 17th 2013.


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