Monday, April 8, 2013

Kyoto; Home visiting!

We were lucky to catch up with Sakurako and her family including the charming Takumi now 4 yrs old
After a lunch of green tea noodles we walked up the huge staircase at Kyoto station

Then Takumi  insisted on raiding his back pack and donned his fighting gear!!
The latest Character 'The wizard' He has these rings that are as big as his hand and clip on his belt when not in use 
 Since its TV debut in 1971,Kamen Rider (Masked Rider) is arguably the most popular superhero series. Captured by an evil organization, the hero of the story is turned into a cyborg with superhuman powers. After escaping from the villains, he fights on the side of justice. The Japanese love characters that have to overcome tragic fates, and they are especially fond of this kind of story.
Children have long idolized Kamen Rider, who rides a powerful motorcycle and fights using martial art moves and special attacks. Pretend battles often begin with kids striking the unique Kamen Rider pose, accompanied by yelling, "Henshin! (Transform!)" A long-running, popular TV franchise, Kamen Rider is now on its 23rd series.
We then went to Masako's home and chatted as Nick assisted with construction that Takumi was doing.

We then had a superb meal of sushi, and other dishes.

Takumi would carefully spread the rice with his fav. topping, Salmon Roe, then when it was wrapped would squish it firmly so it didn't fall apart

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