Sunday, February 17, 2013

A boxed lunch

Bridie and Sean were out for an Anniversary lunch and movie on Sunday so I babysat for them.
When I arrived Dylan and Sean were still at swimming lesson but arrived home soon after.
I hadn't seen his haircut before but he still looks cute, and talking up a storm.
Calls me Mich or Shel depending on what has been said . I have also had the 'Mich peas Mich Peas" ! when the train track came undone.
At lunch he had had his ham sandwich, (minus the crusts, who needs curls anyway) a slice of my cheese, some more ham, and eaten a small tub of yoghurt in 4 spoonfuls.!! He dipped the spoon to the bottom of a firm yoghurt and had the spoon laden with half the tub. I didn't stop him as I was wondering how he would manage! He had to stop to seriously plan a swallow but ploughed on!!
The meal then finished with this.
Can you work out what he is doing???

That's right!
Eating his sultanas one at a time! Carefully covering them all after each snack.


Celia said...

He sooo loves his tucker! What a lovely lovely time with him. It was a bit hard to see the sultanas given they are the same colour as the table. Love his grin and triumph.

Mary said...

Just completely adorable.