Friday, January 11, 2013

A lucky escape

I was preparing dinner tonight moving between the stove and the sink when I smelt something burning. Just a faint awareness.
I was struggling to place the smell, as it was more like hot somethings than food burning. I moved over to the kettle/toaster, then moved back to the stove thinking there might be something on the base of the pan.
Suddenly there was a huge BANG and a crash and behind me the kitchen light fitting had exploded and crashed to the floor.
I half turned at the bang and saw the glass coming down so it didn't break on the floor (well maybe some more)
My first thought was Spencer had knocked something off the bench (not that he can reach it!!) but then I registered what it was, and on closer inspection the dark parts of the glass were HOT
I've never heard of a fitting getting overheated!
The darker green bits were hot to touch.
It all fell in a neat pile! 
The Globe in tact. Nothing left. The whole thing came off 
And lucky I had moved back or I would have been showered with glass,

1 comment:

Celia said...

Lucky indeed. That's a strange one- I guess the fitting was "old" glass but why it would heat so quickly...?!!
Hope you are okay.

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