Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Off to France

To celebrate Celia's birthday we travelled on to Nyon in France in the Drome region.
The  5 seater.
Sue organised a splendid car for us and after much cursing and laughing at the GPs (christened Kylie) we made it out of Barcelona 

We saw the Barcelona Arena on many roundings of the roundabout and learnt that if we were in a side service  lane rather than the main drag, Kylie thought we had turned. When we worked that out we had  a smoother drive and eventually hit the motorways, at times a nail biting experience.

trucks on the Motorway
We arrived in France (no border crossing or passports needed)
The trees made me think of Van Gogh (not that he was French)
and ignoring Kylie found the Hotel in the small village of Nyon.
Kylie provided us with huge entertainment with her straight Aussie accent of French street names and places. We would hoot with laughter and ask "Lets see what that one is" the classic was a long one, rue de la ?th  June 19 something.

We met up there with Sharan and Peter Burrow from Belgium, Annemarie and Barry from Melbourne,
Travelling form Barcelona were Celia, Sue and Bernadette from New York,  Deb friend of Sue's from Beaumaris (and ex Girl Guide with Celia!) and myself.

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