Monday, September 10, 2012

Childhood reunion

I am on a roll here!
Celia has been home for a  month and went back to New York just last week.
While she was home we had a reunion of friends from our childhood neighbourhood, also as a wake for Tony.
We met for lunch and had a great few hours talking over childhood in the 50's and 60's
Maggie told us that when her father came to find his block on which to build, he had a map with co-ordinates: so many yards from a huge pine tree that was on the corner!! The tree was cut down just this year
The gang (or 7 of 24 of us!)

Alan and his sister Gerry (2 of 6 kids live diagonally opposite us )
Maggie (house diagonally behind) Sandy (next door)and Alan Grant

Celia and me 
Number 1 Bruce St Cheryl Sandy's sister and her husband 

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Celia said...

You are indeed on a roll. I know the time went quickly but i was actually home for two months.

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