Sunday, April 1, 2012


It is a confronting thing when those you remember as children, are suddenly growing up, and you think about what you were doing at that age and realise they no longer children, or teens but adults!
Michelle & Pauline HARTZ
I traveled to Malmsbury to celebrate with Fran her younger twins Michelle & Pauline's 21st birthday. The photos I have of them as babies are not digital so cannot include one but they are two beautiful young women!
I took photos on my iPhone as the battery on my camera started flashing even though I had checked it before I went (But seeing I forgot it, and had to go back maybe it was as on the ball as I was! ) 
The photos are then very disappointing being quite grainy.
Pauline is now a qualified hairdresser and works on weddings in particular for the Salon where she trained. Michelle is in 2nd year of Fashion design at RMIT and working hard getting excellent marks.
Annemarie was there with Michael home from King island for school holidays and Liam was in fine form!
Tara (Annemarie's twin) is in the Caribbean so she read a letter from her and both Liam and Annemarie spoke lovingly about the girls.

Michelle, Pauline, Annemarie, Liam
A lovely night to share with Fran

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