Friday, October 14, 2011


The wonderful thing about seeing other gardens is how it inspires you to get down and dirty.
It was when Celia and I visited somewhere in the bush that we saw a big herb garden and we realised how great they can look. Which led to digging up part of the back garden and relaying a herb garden.

Similarly when Maddy and I went to see the Australian Native Garden down at Cranbourne I saw the effect of mass planting. Not just a plant that was nice but lots of the same one!
 Native Garden's Banksia
Japanese gardens also follow this principle esp with Cherry blossom!!

My garden is not so massed but 'running wild' is a good principle I think, with places to relax and admire the views

But what inspired this day's blog was the bottle brush out in bloom along the foot path to South Kensington station, I could see it coming out over the last few weeks but today it was MAGNIFICENT.
It is the length of the whole road!
View toward station
Other direction
The gorgeous blossoms

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