Thursday, August 4, 2011


'From an aircraft, the Bungle Bungle Range is an imposing sight. The orange and black stripes across the beehive-like mounds, encased in a skin of silica and algae, are clearly visible'
Hard to believe that when I worked in Halls Creek , that we (the general public and locals) had never heard of the Bungle Bungles. Although the Bungle Bungle Range was extensively used by Aboriginal people during the wet season, when plant and animal life was abundant, few Europeans knew of its existence until the mid-1980s.
Certainly the owners and stockmen on Mable Downs knew about the area but it was only after a documentary on WA from the air that the public started clamouring for access.
Approaching the Mounds
Aerial View of the river bend
The access road from the Northern Highway, (a sealed road now) is 52 Km to the Purnululu Visitors' Centre, all unsealed creek crossings, rough road and rugged creek embankments, takes 2.5 hrs Av speed 23km / hour!!
Celia and I had great debate about whether one gets airsick in helicopters. No one we asked, met both criteria, had been in a copter and suffers airsickness.
Well we can report that one may get alarmed as it moves in the air gusts but does not trigger nausea!
The views were worth it!
Our chopper
The gorge that is a 5 day walk in
Great views

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