Sunday, July 31, 2011


Evidenced in all our travels in the Kimberley was the effect of the Wet of 2010 / 2011. This had been one of the biggest in years,
The recent Wet season in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has caused Australia's largest (in area) freshwater lake, Lake Argyle, to overflow. 
The dam has reached more than its capacity of 10,763 gigalitres (it was 170% capacity at its peak ) and water was flowing 37cm over the spillway and at a rate of 58 cubic metres per second.
That's enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool every 43 seconds, or Sydney Harbour every 12 hours  And it hasn't stopped! Unfortunately the water runs into the sea and there is no plan to send it anywhere else, due to costs.
We stopped to look at the Ord River flowing over the Ivanhoe Crossing. 
The road is the Old Wyndham road and now not a main highway, but a route to popular fishing. Well not this Year! This flow has continued all year since the rain stopped and it will not be opened this year!
Stating the obvious for the not too bright!
The river in full force, been running since February!
 Ivanhoe Crossing, built in 1954 on a rocky outcrop to cross the Ord river, was featured in the film Australia when Lady  Sarah Ashley is brought to Faraway Downs station. 
The crossing is close to where the Duracks constructed the Ivanhoe Station homestead.
The Ord river is enclosed by the Argyle Dam and so it is the outlet from the dam.

As a result there are flowers in abundance everywhere!
Mulla Mulla

Kimberley Heath

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