Saturday, May 28, 2011

pavement art

Spencer was back to resembling a sheep, so I had booked him in for a trim on a cancellation and luckily I got the call! So he now looks shiny and smooth and trim.
Down at Doggy Dooz (the alternative meaning of 'Dooz' makes for a not so nice Business name) I notice that they had had some artist at work. Seddon has quite a bit of an Art scene at times.
This morning the Indian cafe had not had anything done and they were engaged in doing a chalk design themselves.
Paws lead to Doggy Dooz
There is also a shop selling soap and cleaners, that now has a range of shampoo etc as well as household items and hand made bags, door stops etc; Some really nice things.
I have had the shampoo for a few weeks now so picked up a matching conditioner .
I bought a new door stop for my room as the door does not stay open, and Celia's duck really belongs at her door.
Party supply shop
The Post Office. Open on Sat morning!
 It all adds to the 'village' atmosphere of the place.
When I went in to the city later I parked at North Melbourne Station just in front of this!

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