NGV Day 2

It was very enticing to go back and see what else was on.
View from gallery to the River activity
This time I focused on the Ian Potter Gallery and got a closer look at some of the "Live" pictures.

PUKARA by Maringka Baler

Corn  I think, but seeing it is not indigenous to Australia maybe it's called something else
Again there were a lot of children's art activity going on, as well as music, including this indigenous group outside the new Art exhibit.
I walked out along the river for  a space them over the Bridge marveling at what natural vandals young children are!
The security was kept busy asking mothers to prevent their children from rearranging the art works.
This design of stone of Fred Williams painting was a great attraction but look fairly original still.

Fred Williams. Pilbara Hillside
Out along the bridge I got a better look at the Living Art
This guy was very popular!
The picture standing next to him
This painting was one of the favorite 10 selected as well.
When I walked back he was in another pose seated!
Kids were trying to get him to look at them!
A Sargeant of the Light Horse
I didn't walk down to look at this one but it looked familiar.


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