Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day and I went sailing with Hugh and Cliff and we had  a great day I have a very sore bum today The position for the main sheet hand to sit, is on top of the sheet cleats. Hard to get comfortable!
Today we had a working bee planned at the Yacht Club and I woke to the sound of heavy rain Again! The summer that really wasn't,  ended today with another rainy day. More than 300 millimetres of rain has fallen on Victoria this summer, breaking the previous seasonal record of 1910-11 when 237 millimetres was recorded. 
The old fence in need of repair.
However the rain didn't put us off the tasks planned. The two main jobs were replacing the decking fence and repairing broken boards on the floor of the dinghy shed.
Bernard Simon & Jim getting into floor board replacement .
The juniors working together
There was a good turnout with enough people to have 3-4 doing any one job. The Green Fleet (juniors) were also there under Sean's supervision painting and setting up racks for the Junior boats and equipment. Lots of paint around!!
All ready to go!
The fence had been pre-measured and cut and even pre painted by Bernard so when it went up it looked fabulous!
The turn  out was good and a big crowd at lunch, with lots of talk and friendly banter!
Believe it or not they are not discussing sailing, but the value of Twitter in keeping track of your children!!

Half the crowd.

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