Sunday, February 6, 2011

River Walk

Sydney's heatwave has shattered a 150-year-old record, but the big sweat isn't over yet.
In dozens of suburbs on Saturday the temperature soared into the mid to high 30s for the sixth day running and over much of NSW.
What wimps those Sydneysiders are!!!  over 30!!! I was expecting to see the details as days over 40. Last Summer we were heading for a record 30 days over 30 when the last day was only 29. We were complaining I know, But 6 days... I ask you.
The flooding in Foostcray looks mild compared to some places Especially Narre Warren and Point Cook We were lucky. Global Warming followers will be keeping data!
Today has dawned Sunny but sightly windy, so I decided I would do a  walk to a Park. Namely Maribyrnong River Park
So Spencer and I headed off and hit the river at The Blackbird Tours, down by the new Freshwater Place development with new apartments with view to the city if looking up, or the factories if looking down.Appropriate as the Blackbird, a traditional ferry of Lakes Entrance, tours the Maribyrnong River with emphasis on its history as an industrial area.The river was discovered by Robbins and Charles Grimes in 1803, settled by groups led by J.P. Fawkner and John Batman in 1835. We all learnt at school their disgust when they came upon the river to find it was saltwater!Tidal from the bay.
We then headed up stream to find the Buddhist Temple seen by anyone traveling by train from Footscray or crossing the Maribyrnong Bridge on Dynon Road 
The remarkable transformation of a vacant site previously a tannery, into a Buddhist temple complex has been underway for a while but really shot up visibly this year, with a 16-metre statue of the Heavenly Queen, also known as MAZU. Devotees believe that Heavenly Queen will protect all those who pray to her before setting out, and that she will save the lives of anyone on the open sea who cries to her in their hour of distress. 
It was reported to be finished in 2009 but is way behind schedule. A blog entry dated 2008 show it in its early stages.
The temple structure seems complete
The Gold Queen
It's all on the same side of the river. That is a Backwash
There was group of cyclist having a shot in front so we waited .There is still construction going on all around. Slightly muddy at present!!
Great Views to the city
This is all at the Edge of Newells Paddock a bird wetland (wet at last!)
Don't know where the line went But the area where the Arts Precinct is now (ahead) was originally park of the Meat Works
Someone has a sense of Humour!
I then headed back to The Arts Precinct to get a cup of coffee but it was closed cleaning up after Chinese New Year. Established in 1974, Footscray Community Arts Centre is widely acknowledged as Australia’s leading centre for contemporary arts and community engagement. They run a huge range of activities, classes and events. Have coffee shop well attended on the lawn on Saturdays and markets at times as well.
At the roundabout Unvandalized for over 10 years!!
So I went home catching Noddy's car en route.

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