Friday, February 25, 2011

Melbourne views

I had no private patients booked (but had calls to three of them) so I used the day to finalize paperwork for the upcoming Seminar at Port Melbourne Yacht Club. Being a member I felt I should share the great venue with others less fortunate! I have planned two Seminars / workshops about feeding refusal,and the first one is on March 11th.
I took Spencer to the new dog groomer (same shop but they have two venues now). He had been a matted mess last week when we attacked him with scissor, and it seemed to malk a difference as they didn't have to shear him to whippet status. He looks very nice now!! They said he was very good just lay stretched out when they clipped him.
probably much like this!!
I got all the work done even loaded some difficult movie clips. I still can't see why IMovie will load some and others it does not recognise. and one I saved ended up saved as an ITunes file not IMovie!!
I also successfully found a file of Ed Tronick's Still Face experiment. Will use that to talk about how anxiety affects feeding.
So had no photos for today so have added some views of Melbourne lately.
Outside Melbourne Museum

Sunset over West Gate Bridge

Our own Flatiron Building

beautiful brickwork not seen in modern buildings now

The outdoor Dunny! Still around but probably plumbed now

Flemington street trees

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