Sunday, January 9, 2011

A cute boy

Today I went over to see Bridie and Sean and to check out Dylan, and take Bridie's present over. I had a swift run over not a single red light and no traffic on the freeway! Made it in 19minutes.
Dylan was just coming out of a short sleep and looked a bit dazed , but then he brightened up and was very engaging. 
Bridie and Sean really have no idea how the other half of parents live! Dylan is soooo easy going; a delight. Maybe it's all in their genes!
He can roll over and today grasped his rattle on the Play gym. First time Bride said.

She really enjoyed the presents from NY and Celia's gift and she gave me for Xmas Stephanie Alexander's, Kitchen Garden Companion. based on a TV show (that I've not seen) it's about growing, seasons for, preparing  and use of all vegetables, herbs with recipes as well of course. It is a beautiful book and has a hessian type of cover.
When I got home I did some sweeping up of the fallen blossom from the Pom Pom tree (see earlier entry)that the wind has blown thickly over everything. I also cut the ribbon plant in the drive so I can get out of the car.
Took Spencer for a walk (he seems fully recovered today; I saw some vomit down the back so I think he must have eaten something on Friday night or Sat morning)

On my return I then moved my recliner chair to the back room in preparation for lazing there in Summer  with a view of the garden .

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Celia said...

Seriously cute and growing!

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