Wednesday, January 5, 2011

City of New York History

Today I went up to the Museum of the City of New York to see and exhibition of furnishings, painting and cartoons.

"_and besides, they say Washington never told a lie,
neither, but I guess the cops never usta ask 'em
in those days "Whatcha hangin' around here fer?"

The cartoons were great!  For thirty years, six days a week, Mr. Wortman produced a new drawing for "Metropolitan Movies", his newspaper cartoon depicting episodes in the lives of an assortment of colorful characters, the most notable being "Mopey Dick and the Duke", a couple of lovable vagrants who commented on life in America from the Depression through World War II and into the early fifties.  

I then walked again through Central Park,  saw a squirrell, and paths still decorated with snow.

Also took a photo of some graffiti on Lexington near 103rd when I headed off in the wrong directions to start.

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