Monday, June 14, 2010

Walking far

After many months of walking the same route to work I felt I needed to do more to keep fit, as though I walk 60mins a day it is still the same as 12 months ago.
So I was looking for new places to park at no cost and though there are a few, the attraction of Arden Street in Kensington is that it is quick to drive to in the morning; I turn out of the long Dynon Rd traffic just where it starts to build.
So instead of moving the parking space I now walk a longer route,doubling back really. This route takes me along the small streets of houses in Kensington, or past the four mill, and at times up on to Racecourse Rd and then along Flemington Rd. If I want it a bit shorter I can finish off on the way home by going up over the railway overpass. A good charge on the last leg!

One route is to walk along the river from Arden st to Maccauley Rd and that makes a change from the traffic down the hill.

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