Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rain drenched grass

Traveled down to Aireys on Friday night 1 hour 20mins door to door. The new freeway extension is great, though the works on the Anglesea road slow things at present, but should improve as it is finished.
Spencer was very pleased to see me and slept all the way, I think stressed by all the stress!
The rain has been abundant down here and the first order of business was to organise for Rohan to come and slash the grass. It is knee high in places and the plants I put in in June are swamped by weeds. But the shrubs near the back fence have grown and look settled in well.
I managed to clear them this morning and plant a few I bought at the Aireys School Market.
I also went to the launch of an Art exhibit at The Eagle's Nest gallery, even going so far as to buy a picture. It is a mixed media of digital photo (of Aireys area) and fabric paper and stitching called Rockpool. Will try to take a photo tomorrow Can pick it up after 22nd. The artist was there, but is a local and known to many, and every time I went to speak to her a local gushed up and I was at the edge of the crowd again!!
Have the book launch at 6pm of Robert Ingpen's illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. It looks great as I saw some prints in the bookshop window when I went down to the ATM

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