Saturday, October 17, 2009

Apple Blossom

The sudden appearance of the Apple trees in bloom was a lovely sight. Must have missed it's beckoning buds. The last two week have been heavy with babies who won't eat. The plan to admit four to get their naso-gastric tubes out was very time consuming. The process,however, while exhausting (days of 8-6:30 at times) had its lighter moments. The last three were all 14-17 months so just starting to walk, talking ++and keen to try things themselves. One little boy had tried some jelly, but found it a funny substance so had spat it out. It fell on the table and he had trouble picking it up, so just leaned down and sucked it off the table, Dad then put some more down and he did it again, then ate it off the spoon. Dad, who was a chef, remarked he never expected to plate food up on the table surface! This same man started crying when his boy opened his mouth for some yogurt. "I never thought to see him eat"
So, tiring but rewarding!! All went home without their tubes and eating and drinking fairly well.
We have a big open meeting next week of any hospital staff interested in feeding problems especially kids having Naso-gastric tubes that have been in for a while. Should be interesting to see who they are and what they expect to happen. The Hospital has no funding plan or any programming planned just an ad hoc expectation.
Several Australian families have traveled to Graz in Switzerland where there is a 5 week program weaning them off feeds and then when hungry, encouraging eating through play and no interference. The Oz government has paid for some of thesm to go, so we are submitting funding requests to do it here. We could do it for $5000 per child instead of $100,000 that they have paid!! But commonsense is not very common!!

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