Scrap booking

I have been doing a bit of scrapping this last week as I scan and print old pictures on my new Printer. (The old one would NOT load the print function with my new iMac)
This pugnacious looking toddler is me at about 14-16months. We had only moved into the family home after my birth as early pictures show the house being built in 1947.
Tony looks a much happier baby!!
We all know the family picture below but I now have a couple of versions Obviously we moved about the garden. I love this one of Tony looking pleased with himself!!
This would have been taken in 1952 or Jan of '53 as Celia is the baby born November 1952. I am in school uniform but had just turned 4. Maybe it was a try on for the coming year!


Celia said…
How old am I? It could be February and you had just started school. Tony does look so pleased doesn't he.
A new printer? Was this the one you had when I was home?