Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Chairs

One of the lovely things we got from Beaumaris was the dining room Table, chairs and sideboard in Mahogany. The chairs are covered in a black and brown tweed that matched the lounge suite However I decided to cover them in lighter fabric. I have used fabric that was in the drawers of material, all leftovers of any dress, curtain or clothing Maddy ever made for us, the boys or herself. I remember this fabric but not where it was from. I also have for the other two chairs some dress fabric that was dresses that Celia and I had in our early teens.

I had great fun taking off the old backing, but on advice of crafty friends left the old fabric there and just covered it over as the webbing is fine. I bought a staple gun and had a great time banging it together!!

1 comment:

Celia said...

The chairs look great! When do we get to see the car?
How is the washing machine?

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