Saturday, August 22, 2009

Books rationale

One of the big hassles of clearing Maddy’s house has been getting rid of all the books. This has created a feeling that my shelves of many books (and the boxes in the bungalow) are not a good thing. It was opportune that I read in Good Reading magazine this week that the editor said she was having a book clean, and planned to asked herself as she picks up each book.
• Can I remember reading it? (That won’t work well for me as I remember the plot of every book I have read (Unlike Andrew who writes an A in the front so he knows he’s read it!)
• Did I love it?
• Does the book have a place in my reading time line? Not sure what this means.
• Do I want to reread it? I re-read most of the books I like. (was stunned to find many other people don’t) Might make this reread in the last 3 years.
• Does it serve a purpose? (Non-Fiction) This will thin the shelf!! How many out of date travel books can one use!
If the answer is yes to 3 of these, it stays.
If the books in the bungalow that I packed up before I went to Japan are still there in 12 months do I need them??
What about the ones I haven’t read yet. They will have to go on a separate shelf!
This may be a struggle, but I just have to remind myself of trying to fit the boxes of books in my car and carrying them back and forth.
But then maybe I could just buy a new shelf!

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Celia said...

Hey Mich, let's get rid of the books based on the principles in your blog... I do like the idea of getting another bookshelf for those that don't dint but then there are the shelves in the bungalow if you want to get rid of my books too!

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