Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A big change

It seems hard to believe that the family home that dad built when I was about two, and we have called home for almost 60years has been sold. Many friends have moved house several times but we have always had Beaumaris. The friends at lunch on Sunday also only sold when their parents died.
The neighbourhood was settled in the late 40's and considered by some to be too far away. There was little public transport, some might say it's no better now! with just the train to Sandringham. We didn't have a car till the mid 60's so we had the school bus or shanks pony. Walking to Black rock was a normal event, but as in the previous blog we didn't need to go anywhere ,we just played in the local streets and the beach, 10minutes walk away.
Beaumaris is now a very expensive suburb, close to the beach, and reasonable distance to the city. Once renowned for its treed and leafy landscape, blocks have been bought, old houses torn down and trees cleared and edge to edge buildings erected, even 2 to the block. It seems someone else has to keep their trees for the view.
Ours will be torn down as well, and I don't think I will go back to see the change.

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