Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Change of Pace

Japan seems a long time away,and my retreat at Aireys long gone. Now I am back at work full time at full speed ahead. I started back with a plan to control the rush of work and this died an early death, but has arisen in this 3rd week back. I now have a daily routine.
I get up at 7, take yesterday's shower water out and pour into the watering can, to water what seems needed. We are under Stage 3A water restrictions: No watering of gardens except between 6-8am in Tuesday and Saturday, no washing car sor washing down drives etc. No watering of lawns at all. So I catch water in the shower as I adjust the temperature and use the water tank attached to the bungalow. (The Tank's capacity depends on rain and it hasn't rained since Christmas.) After my shower I have breakfast, then prepare a salad in a lunch box to accompany a can of flavoured tuna to take for lunch. Spencer rushes in and out checking on what stage I am up to, staying close once I get dressed and getting thrilled when I put my shoes on. Then I go and clean my teeth and put on lipstick, At this stage he is waiting in the kitchen, opposite the bathroom so he can see me. As I come out and into the kitchen, he passes me in the doorway on his way to the back door where he runs around in circles until I arrive with his bone, which he grabs and dashes off down the side of the house. I lock the doors, grab my Ipod and backpack and am off by 7.50.
The traffic has increased in this last week as people are back at work after the holiday. It will be worse after Australia Day as school is back Feb 2nd, but for now the only hold up is getting into Moore St. from the ring road. Those morons will enter the intersection knowing they can't get out before the lights change!! But a 10 minute drive is still good!
I drive and park in Lloyd street where there is no time limit or meters, and then walk for 35 minutes to work. Photos of the walk next week. It was walking along under some gums that made me feel I should record these lovely morning moments. (as opposed to Celia's chilly walk!)

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