Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Day 14 (-17)
There seems to be little in the way of zoning in Tokyo. Apartments and hotels are side by side, small shops next to houses, businesses next to schools opposite hotels. The design of building seems to be at the whim of the architect, and 'anything goes' the philosophy, this Disney style hotel is on the Meguro River, and one of many 'fantastic' buildings!


Today Gerry arrived so we explored my neighbourhood, It was great to be able to show her the places I know and like. We went to Daisen Ji temple with the rows of Jizo statues in orange hats. Gerry found out, by lifting the hat, that they were originally red but had faded to orange. I thought it was unusual they were orange!
It's a steep walk down the hill to the shrine, an even steeper one going back, so we went along the river side instead and passed the fantasy castle above, and took photoes of some flowers on a bare wall.
We called by the park where I had sat with the kids last week, and took more pictures of the birds on the wall and admired a small fluffy white dog called Mimi.
After the longer walk in need of respite we stopped in at the Teien garden and rested there with a drink. Gerry had bought Lemon Water while I tried a new one called "healthy" that had a ? mint leaf on the bottle. Not mint! Drinkable but not again!
We did some shopping then walked home and after organising the room for the best spacial arangements, we had dinner at Jonathons, walking back in the cool evening.

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