Sunday, September 28, 2008


Day 27 (-5) The Buzz.
It can be an amazing experience to be in the midst of the crowds at the busy areas of Tokyo. Shibuya crossing is a mass of people at any time you are there, and looking at the crowd heading for you can be intimidating. It is noisy with the screens on the building running advertisements for concerts, CD releases or just products, but all noise and raucous sounds. I'm not sure that they actually turn off. Not a place I'd like to live next to! But then I'm nearly 60!!

Celia arrived to day, so I was in the Shinagawa area to meet her and went to a flea market at the City space, but it was mainly clothes new and used, with nothing of appeal to me. The building was lots of wide open spaces with fountains and a stage. Kids were having a great time jumping and climbing around.
When I went back to the station area there was a music ensemble playing 30 minute concert X 4 times between 3.30 and 6pm. So I stopped to listen to them for a while. The second group was a great wind group, flute, oboe, french horn, clarinet and saxaphone.

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