Thursday, September 25, 2008


Day 22 (-9) A kōban is a police box. In addition to central police stations, Japanese uniformed police work is done from small buildings located within the community, a form of community policing. The box is literally that; a small room with a desk and room for the two men to work. Police officers in these buildings can keep watch, respond to emergencies, give directions, and otherwise interact with citizens on a more intimate basis than they could from a more distant station. There are usually two men there (never seen women) and I have used them for directions. This is a busy job as addresses in Japan are an art form that would appeal to the greatest puzzle creators!
This one (taken in March) looks like a choice posting with your own personal cherry tree in front!
I have never not been able to see one nearby when I needed it.

Today was PERFECT weather, 27 degrees, light breeze and some fluffy clouds. So I spent most of it outside, after getting my hair cut. I went down to Tokyo Mid town a new complex at Roppongi that also has a garden, as well as courtyard spaces.
The Galleria, the main attraction of Tokyo Midtown, consists of five floors of stores and restaurants. The new Suntory Museum is also located here (see Blog Kosode), in addition to Design Sight 21_21 - an exhibition gallery (free) and research workshop. Fuji Film / Fuji Xerox have two photography galleries (also free) with often changing exhibitions, but I did not venture in today.
Once part of the Japanese Self Defence Agency, Midtown Garden contains over 140 trees from the former site. The garden contains huge grassy lawns, a playground, walking paths, fountains, sculptures, and even a mini basketball court.Hinokicho Park was once a garden attached to the residence of the Mori family, part of the Hagi Clan of the Edo Period. Hinoki means 'cypress tree', and there are many on the grounds. The trees and greenery surround a small pond fed by a bubbling stream, which is overlooked by a traditional Japanese teahouse.

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