Friday, August 29, 2008

People Watching

As I rested between explorations at the Shrine yesterday I spent the time watching and snapping pictures of people. On the approach to the Shrine there were lots of stalls of food as well as flowers and entertainment for the kids. These things are similar at nearly all festival events in Japanese specially the food!
these people were lined up and waited patiently for Takoyaki, sort of balls of dumplings with pieces of octopus inside, served with katsuboshi (dried Bonito flakes) a special sauce or Japanese mayo on top.
They were waiting for a good 5-10 minutes as the shop had obviously run out (or just started) and they were cooking some more. At one point his work was interrupted by some sinister looking characters who turned out to be collecting fees. Or maybe it was for protection from the queue? Note the character in the orange with the towel on his head and a cap as well. Obviously an attempt at disguise!
While the queue was waiting a little girl was busily tidying up by sweeping at the gravel with her fan. She spent the whole time industriously working with the paper fan.

The kids below are fishing for gold fish to take home and the high school students made a dash for a stalls selling cards and game things!
But the highlight of the day was the sartorial splendour of the tracky shorts and umbrella

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