Monday, August 18, 2008

Meguro River Walk

Sounds like a stroll beside the waters doesn't it, but a riverside walk is an oxymoron as the river is enclosed by concrete walls.
I chose this section of the river as it was just one stop away from the local station and as the day promised to be cooler (only 29) I thought it would be a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.
Strolling along beside the river under the cherry trees was lovely, just imagining how beautiful it would have been in March with the blossom out.
Along one bank section their was an open space with a waterfall-rock-wall at the back. I think it was a viewing or entertainment spot as the trees on the other side of the river (mine that is) would make for perfect viewing in the Blossom time.
My walk was blocked at two points, one where they are building something (or digging at this stage) and the other was a new bridge being built. There were many small bridges so I could cross back and forth as I chose. A map at intervals helped me decide what side to take.
I ended up having lunch (a cold noodle salad) bought at the supermarket at the start of the walk, in a small park. I needed the break then as I was very hot, and sat and enjoyed the park and a drink until I felt ready to head back.

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