Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kids Park

Along the street from the corner bookshop is a small kids park, one of three in the area near the station. It often is deserted when I go past, but busy at the weekend.
As you can see from the photo it serves many apartments in the immediate area.
This is a very small park and I am curious as to the design decisions. Kids I have seen are enjoying the sculptures, but why they chose those over climbing frames etc. is interesting.
The bigger park near the child care centre is more traditional climbing equipment, but I like to think this was an artistic decision!

Walking back from the station past a shop I was very surprised, (despite having seen one before) to hear a dog barking not a baby crying from this stroller!!

The draft layout doesn't end up the same once posted, so I will experiment with a wider Template design, so I don't end up with picture and text all chopped up.


"See Me"... said...

Hi Mich,
The chopped up text is a challenge. Doing my layout I've tried clicking the label HTML text and cutting and pasting around the text- it's fiddly but I can manage to get the placements I want if I stick at it. Sometimes I just can't be fagged!
Still love reading your actual blog (cf the emails).
I've slept more over the past few days so am beginning to find myself again!

kousalya said...

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