Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The birds

A few days retreat to Aireys to finish Celia's unpacking and bringing the dinner service and pots back for West Welcome Wagon.
Also cleared out the bathroom ready for the renovation in January.(and listing the stuff in the bungalow Marko will take to the tip)
He also offered to set two insect bombs to clear the spiders! Never thought of that
Also spent a lovely evening reading all Celia's scrapbooks before putting them up on the shelf (Lots of good stair climbing workouts!)

But I arrived to a lovely sight of this fellow sitting on the lawn then moving to the nearby tree Then he was joined by another. They stayed the whole time I was there  ringing out the sunset with a good laugh!

Surry Hills Sydney

Had a lovely 2 days in Sydney doing the Children's Nursing Conference, and met up for dinner wiht Pam and Bob (Nursing July 66) who in a small world know someone working with Celia in NY!
I went for a walk each day and really enjoyed the quirky and old area of Sydney. Small house, opening directly to the footpath, Overhang verandas and a great street garden, and a puzzle of padlocks!

This looks hazardous and with out opening door

Cute little balcony

Pam went to explore. Its entrance to a Backpackers
The old Children's court
On News that night was about its redevelopment 

Lovely building 

Superb bit of espalier!! Star Jasmine 

Lots of tiling
Why 2 steps?

Two Doors!

More tiles

Change of access
Lots of murals 

The mysterious padlocks 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Open Studios in the West

The last few days I have been following some of the Open Studios around Footscray, yarraville, West Footscray and Braybrook.
thesis an opportunity to explore the diverse range of artists studios and galleries  This is the first I've seen of it, but it's in its 9th year!!
So I went to
Women of the West Photographic Exhibition at the Hub in Braybrook
Photos by Suzie Blake 
Maribyrnong City Council has launched a film and photography project that celebrates and showcases the achievements, experiences, diversity and leadership of women and girls who live, work, study or play in the City of Maribyrnong.
The photos were marvellous, and interesting bios of the subjects. 

This empty Chair (same place)
Day of Imprisoned Writer exhibition
Each chair represented a journalist or outspoken person currently imprisoned for his /her actions

Gaye Abandon School of sewing and up cycling in Footscray (Buckley street)

Gaye does  a lot with recycled wool (felted like these arm warmers and also hot water bottle covers)
Also some FANTASTIC Pouffes made from old wool dressing gowns with the lovely corded pocket in the design. She uses the sleeves so the slightly widening sleeve formed the curve of the sides and the cuffs a nice band at the top edge.Reminded me of my cushions from old blanket in cupboard at Aireys
my cushions 
 I had been to Mary's in Yarraville for brunch and then while I was there she arrived as well!!
We were interested in the sashiko visible mending workshop but it's when I'm in Sydney so will look again in new Year

and the to Post Industrial design for Jos Van Hulse to talk about his window.
This mirror is an example of his up cycling of stuff
Love the toilet chain!
His window I have seen for the last 3 years but went to a chat by him about how he got started.
Discussion among the group was about kids not allowed to hammer nail etc and any business workshop doing this is at risk of liability not making it worth while.
The window.
The monkey turn the wheel and the machine with balls on it rolls around 
The little pulleys of plain then wrapped gifts travel along between
 the 2 'factories' then spill out at bottom 

The rabbit turns the wheels 
The monkey tumbles 
A creative creature !
And I forgot to look for Superwoman (she is always there )!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Toni Maticevski

This exhibition of Australian designer Dark Wonderland was full of beautiful creations many in very subtle pale hues, but in varied and complementary fabric.
Detail of a gold mesh dress
The videos and interviews were really interesting
Toni Maticevski

Glomesh put to good use!
This is made of Neoprene !

Many pieces and varied fabrics incorporated
This was especially pretty
There were some in colour as well
The front with side panels 
The back!!
He also did a lot of work for Phillip Adams Ballet Lab. I actually saw this ballet!

And he designed the dress Jessica Mauboy wore in the Eurovision

Brooklyn Laneway

We have been working on painting the Laneway  connecting Cypress Ave and the Federation Trail  for the last 2 months. On Sundays X 3 and an...